Friday, February 18, 2011

the art of sooc.

what is sooc? it's a photography term. it stands for straight out of camera. an unedited and unaltered natural photograph.
how is it an art? well think of it this way.
photoshop has taken over photography. wherever you go, almost every photo you see has been photoshopped in some way. even though it's a cool idea at times, taking a photo and making it look different and nearly impossible, i sometimes get a little tired of it. what happened to photography being real? if you pull apart the word "photograph" it literally means "light writing." ("photo" means light, and "graph" means writing) in a photograph, the camera is taking all the possible information it can from what the light it showing in the sight that you're taking a photo of.
photography can mean different things to different people, but to me it's saving a moment. it's not about creating something that's unreal. that's why lately i haven't been editing my photos at all lately. not even altering colors.
besides, photography isn't about being a good photographer. it's taking a moment and keeping it for yourself or to show to others. i think that's why we say "take" a photo.
and that's also why i'm not interested in making photography a job. weddings are lovely, taking photos of families is sweet, fashion photography is really cool. but i'm afraid that if i did that for a living i might as well explode. it would be taking the same photos over and over again, just different people. there's not much adventure in that, to me.
my conviction might change but as for now this is what it is.
my name is jenna cleveland and i take photos not because i want to be a good photographer, but because i want to
(and now, here are some sooc photos. they're better large, so click on them.)

p.s. if you're a wedding/family/fashion/any other sort of photographer and i've offended you at all, don't listen to me. :) i'm sure you have your own opinion of photography and you are fabulous at doing it.

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