Sunday, January 9, 2011

where the wild jennas are.

so, i told some people that during the summer i was redecorating my room. i didn't really finish, there are still a few things i would like (different curtains and a new lamp and a new clock.) but that i don't need, so i'm not sure when i might get them.
here's a peek at what it looks like now. sorry, my room was messy and my bed wasn't made and my curtains are rolled up for some reason.

oh and here's a list of the new things in my room:
- i cut out shapes of birds and taped them to my wall in different places so they look like they're flying around. they took sooo long to do. each one took like a half an hour.
- old photos from the 1800's. i want more of these.
- a bulletin board with a bunch of my favorite photos from different photographers.
- i took tommy's old art palettes and hung them on the wall.
- this cool elephant thing that's from kenya.
- a bird cage. not in the video, i think i got it after this.
- some seashells that i found and hung from the ceiling with rope. also not in the video.
- film photos from summer. i used a disposable.
- a dream catcher that i got at a indian museum. it's the real deal.
- a mural that my brother painted on my wall of tree roots. there's more now that what you see in the video. i'll probably show you later.
- a verse that i hand cut out and taped on there myself. that took hours.
- my bed is supposed to be the bottom half of a bunk bed, and there's these holes in the corners, so i went outside and got some old branches and stuck them in the holes. now i have a tree bed.
- and a bunch of cool stuff from around the world from friends and family like chinese antiques and big ben figurines from london, and film cameras and seashells from assateague island and fake ivy and dried flowers.

(oh, the song is sailing home by karen o and the kids.)

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